Why Use Google Local Service Ads for Business?

Is your kitchen sink overflowing due to a leakage, or is the air conditioning in your bedroom not cooling properly? Will you consider calling a service which is near your area and is available on Google easily or would you go for a service that is too far and unknown to you?

Obviously, you would prefer a service near you and displays excellent reviews. This is where Google Local Service Ads comes into play!

Most people prefer services in their own neighbourhood than ones which are miles apart when searching for services on the Internet. While you could advertise your services through traditional marketing, it is difficult to gain sales through it these days.

Read on to find more about Google Local Service Ads and its benefits in boosting your business from potential customers around you.

What are Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service Ads are those ads which pop up on the topmost search results whenever a person within your local area is searching for a service they need.

Now if you are thinking about how the Google Local Service Ads differ from the conventional ads, know that they are displayed over the usual ads. The details of your business’ ratings, working hours, reviews, location, contact details, etc., would also be visible to the searchers, making it a favourable option for the potential customers.

The Google Local Service Ads also ensures that the right services reach the right customers. This is done by making the users confirm the service they require and also making sure they are searching for it in their desired region.

Once confirmed, the users can then make a decision by checking out the reviews and quality of your service.

In case, you are not within their desired location or you do not provide the service they are looking for, then Google can easily divert them to another service that suits them, thereby saving everyone’s time and money.

Google Local Service Ads Categories

The Google Local Service Ads are easily visible on all kinds of devices including tablets, computer screens, mobiles, etc., thereby warranting the necessary reach for your business.

Google Local Service Ads are a boon to services like:

• Electricians
• Plumbers
• Event Planners
• House Cleaner
• Videographers
• AC repairs and more.

Benefits of Google Local Service Ads

Still not quite sure regarding whether Google Local Service Ads would be a beneficial investment for your business or not? Here are some reasons to consider using Google Local Service Ads for your business.

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

The Google Local Service Ads ensures more visibility to your business than most of the conventional ads. This is because they are listed at the top and are easily clickable by the users.

Even if your business is heading the top search results on the browser, the Google Local Service Ads ensures your business a much-needed boost by placing it on top than all the other content. More visibility implies more clicks and hence an increase in the number of leads.

Edge Over your Competitors

Since Google Local Service Ads are the newest additions when it comes to search queries, it is not yet used by most services. This guarantees that you have an edge over your competitors by becoming one of the first few to make maximum use of the service.

Less Competition

Unlike the pay per click ads, you do not have to compete with millions of SEO driven content to be at the top. You only have to compete with the few businesses in your locality who have taken to Google LSAs.

Even if the service providers start using LSAs, since you created the ads earlier, you will become more prominent on Google and also among your customers. Also, get ideas on what is SEO

Pay for Leads and Not Clicks

Pay for Leads and Not Clicks

Most of the time, even with the PPC ads, chances of non-potential users clicking on your ads are high. The Google Local Service Ads prevent this by connecting the right users with the right ad.

You pay only for valid clicks. Google doesn’t consider a lead to be valid if it was clicked on by the user by mistake or if it wasn’t the service they were looking for. Considering this aspect, Google local service ads cost is less expensive than PPC or pay per view ads. Also, get some ideas on how much to spend on Google Adwords

Decide your Own Time and Place

With Google Local Service Ads, you can choose the exact locations where your services are offered. The users who are searching for the service in that particular location can easily find you with a click.

Also, you can stop the ads in between for the time periods that you decide. You won’t have to pay for that particular time when the ads are not running either. For instance, if your services are not offered at night, you can decide to not run the ads then. This could be for certain hours, or even months.

And even if you halt it for the time period, your listing will still be visible just after the paid ads and you won’t have to pay if you get a lead during that halt period.

Transparent Per Lead Expenses

For most other ads, it is not exactly possible to calculate how much to spend on ads. But this is not the case with Google Local Service Ads. While setting up your budget, Google will give you a fair idea on how much you can expend on the ads based on your targeted location and the category of your business.

This will help you in making sound and wise choices while investing in promoting your business. There are some ideas on how to choose a PPC agency to consider

Google Guarantee to Build Trust

Having a Google Guarantee mark will help you in creating credibility among new and old users of your services. This feature was added by Google to protect customer satisfaction and improve their experiences with local businesses.

In case a customer doesn’t enjoy a service, he/she can contact Google for a refund without the business having to pay for it.
To acquire the guarantee, you will need to verify your credentials like license, insurance, etc. Also, background verification is done on your business and your employees without any charges for the same.

Make Use of Reviews and Ratings Maximum

Ratings and reviews are equivalent to word of mouth publicity in present times. So when you get a chance to make your business ratings and reviews more visible to new users, chances of gaining new leads will definitely increase.

So, have you decided on going on the web with the local service ads yet? If not, what additional features do you need to know about Google Local Service Ads?

Wondering how to set up Google ads or how to gain the Guarantee badge of Google? Contact us and let us help you in setting up your service ads online.

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