Types of Instagram Influencers: A Comprehensive Guide

Marketers and brands have become increasingly dependent on influencers. Influencer marketing campaigns can be executed more effectively with increased time and resources from digital marketers. In order to collaborate with popular social media influencers, they are constantly searching.

As your business can derive numerous benefits from influencer marketing, this should be obvious. Your brand’s visibility will increase and your image will be strengthened. Influencers also have the ability to influence people’s purchase decisions and attract them to your products and services.

However, marketers often find it difficult to find the right influencers despite the growing popularity of social media influencers. A successful marketing campaign requires collaboration with the right influencers. To do so, you need to understand the different types of social media influencers. In order to better understand the different types of influencers, let’s first explore who social media influencers are.

An influencer is simply someone who has amassed a large following on social media. These people are active on social media in a number of ways. Fans often consider them to be role models or industry experts.

Influencers reveal intimate details about their everyday lives, which are often not available to traditional celebrities. Therefore, they are regarded more highly by their audience and worship them. Influencers and their fan communities often share a friendly bond. As a result, they are able to gain the trust of their following.

Common Types of Instagram Influencer

Today, there are countless influencers on the internet. There are more than a half million active influencers just on Instagram, according to the latest studies.

Therefore, it is often difficult to determine which influencers should be collaborated with in such a situation. Influencers should be chosen based on both your target audience and your marketing objective. The types of Instagram posts and the types of Instagram content your business offers should go smoothly with the type of Instagram influencers you are collaborating with.

Instagram influencers typically fall into one of the following categories:

1. Bloggers

Bloggers are people who regularly publish content on blogs. Additionally, they usually promote their content on various social media platforms like Instagram. The types of Instagram contents and the Instagram content ideas these categories of people put forward will most likely be unique and engaging. Also, take a look at our service social media marketing

2. Instagram and Facebook Sensations

Instagram and Facebook Sensations

Social media stars engage their audiences without relying on blog or video content. By sharing glimpses of their daily lives, they build strong relationships with their followers. They have gained popularity solely by virtue of their social media profiles.

3. Reality TV Stars

A reality television star is the perfect example of an overnight sensation. A person can go from being a home chef to becoming a household name. Consequently, social media users can relate to them more easily. Thus, they may have closer ties to reality TV stars. Also, Read: 9 Healthy Tips to Go Organic on Social Media

4. Micro-Influencers

Marketers tend to prioritize the social media influencers with the most followers when evaluating the different types. The reach of your marketing campaign is not the only factor that determines its success. An engaged audience is equally important. A micro influencer can help with this.
There are usually only a few hundred thousand or even fewer followers of micro-influencers. There is, however, an extremely engaged fan community that caters to a highly specific niche.

5. Instagram Activists

A political or social cause motivates most social media activists. In their minds, they envision influencing others to make positive changes.

6. Journalists

The influence of journalists on the perception of your brand can be profound. In addition to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, most journalists now maintain an active presence on them as well.

Marketers can choose from a wide range of social media influencers, ranging from bloggers and social media stars to traditional celebrities. The sheer variety can be overwhelming.

You should, however, select influencers whose Instagram content formats and Instagram content ideas align with your brand’s image. Additionally, you should collaborate with influencers who can enhance your marketing efforts and are relevant to your niche by sharing and promoting different types of Instagram posts that are valid and impactful to your brand.

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