Top 10 Effective Landing Page Design Tips

The world is competitive and in business, ruthlessly so. 

Aggressive, targeted marketing campaigns are inevitable, which is why you have to make use of every possible digital marketing tool

One such tool you don’t want to miss is the landing page.

Today, we are going to talk about the most effective landing page design tips that you can employ to drive your targeted audience to leads and conversions. That’s what digital marketing is all about, right?

But before we launch into details about landing page design tips, let’s get an overview of what a landing page is.

What is a Landing Page?

It’s the webpage that your potential customer reaches upon clicking the links in your emails, social media posts, ads or any campaign you run. 

A landing page could be any webpage but ideally, landing page best practices taught by experts in the field encourage the use of a landing page specifically designed to breed conversions or get leads.

Here is what an optimized landing page should like with some basic components listed out.

landing page wireframe

A great landing page is much more efficient than your homepage in converting your target audience into customers. If you observe the anatomy of a landing page, many aspects are common in all the best landing pages across the web.

We have listed the top ten effective landing page design tips in this article which you might want to consider among other landing page design guidelines.

1. Visual Creatives

A landing page without beautiful, catchy designs or attractive images would fall flat on the visitor’s senses. It goes without saying that visual creatives, ie. images, and designs, top the list of effective landing page design tips.

Employ well-designed and apt images to make your landing page a pleasant experience that will make the customer stay. The image or design used must convey something irresistible about your product to the potential customer who followed your link to your landing page. 

The human eye catches visual content faster than text and your first impression should be packed in the visual creatives used in your landing page. Click To Tweet

2. Engaging Content

Designs are important but without content that engages your audience and speaks to them with clarity and originality, a landing page falls short of what it is meant to be – a conversion tool. 

Do not overload your customers with hard-to-grasp vocabulary and fancy sentences that sound empty. Give them a lucid introduction to your product and make their time spent on your landing page meaningful.

Which takes us to the next important landing page design tip.

3. Informative Product Descriptions and Details

Although this comes under the content basics among the landing page design tips, this part needs special attention. 

After reaching your landing page, your customer shouldn’t have to go out of it to find more information about your brand or product. 

To avoid the hazard of them leaving the landing page, it’s crucial that you have all the information they would need on your product right there on that page. 

Ensure that your product descriptions are convincing, lucid, and use the best of copywriting to introduce the product to the customer. 

4. A Call-To-Action that Makes Them Act Instantaneously

call to action

No list of landing page design tips is complete without elaborating on Call-To-Action (CTA). 

The CTA is a small piece of content that entices your visitors to take a particular action. It could be an image, text or a button.

The CTA has to be compelling enough, wrapping up the whole deal without loose threads, so that the customer takes a leap of faith and follows your call to sign up for your emails or buy your product.

For this, your CTA button or link should be visible without extra efforts. Make it stand out on your landing page so that the customer cannot ignore it. A click on your CTA button or link is one successful conversion, depending on your campaign objectives. 

The CTA is the crux of the landing page and there should not be a way around it or away from it.

5. Mobile-Responsive UI and UX

mobile responsive landing page design

Another element that must be mentioned under effective landing page design tips is the responsiveness of your landing page in mobile devices. Mobile devices account for the majority of the browsing, clicks, and conversions these days. 

It is simply convenient. 

So, it is important that the landing page is responsive on mobile devices and comfortable for the customers to view, read, and take actions.

6. Avoid Navigation Tabs and Menu 

Navigation tabs and menu are necessities when it comes to a website. 

But as far as a landing page is concerned, you are just allowing your target market to casually walk out of the landing page when you display navigation tabs and menu on a landing page.

It is highly distracting and once they leave the landing page, chances are they won’t return to it. This wisdom leads to the next in the list of top landing page design tips. 

7. Minimize Footer Area and Avoid Links 

For the same reasons you should avoid navigation tabs and menu in your landing page, you should also steer clear of links and minimize the footer area. 

Do not give extensive footer content that will rob your customer’s attention to anything other than your product on the landing page.

Ensure the footer area is limited to very necessary details like a phone number or email to contact the customer care, in case they need to clarify something before they click on the CTA button.

Again, no links that will take them out of the landing page.

8. Include a Contact Form

The contact form is a setup of questions answered by the landing page visitor and it is automatically sent to your email. This is how the leads are captured.

The contact form is one of the most important elements on a landing page. Many landing pages don’t work because of the contact form, so make sure that you get it right.

Contact forms shouldn’t be too long, which may drive your customers away from filling it. And it shouldn’t be too short. You’ll need enough information about them to qualify them as leads.

performance marketing business growth

9. Flaunt Social Proof

Often, CTA is not enough. Compelling content or designs are not enough.

Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile and flaunt your social proof on the landing page for that final push off the edge of doubt. The majority of the consumers trust online reviews as they would personal recommendations. 

Display the positive reviews from your previous customers as testimonials on your landing page. 

Authority badges, social media like/follow buttons and product reviews also work well.

10. Call Buttons or Instant Messenger for Customers 

Consumers are picky, which is why selling a product is not the easiest job in the world. But they are also people of comfort, which is why they are on your landing page in the first place. 

Don’t let them leave the page just because they have a question. Give them a direct call button or instant messenger box where you will be available to answer their queries before they make a decision.

Have you designed your landing page yet? If yes, how well does it work? If not, this comprehensive list of landing page design tips can be a good start. 

Also, reach out to us to know more about landing pages and how to use their full potential to boost your business and sales.

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