The Importance of Illustrations in Website

The amount of data we generate these days is alarming. And it is getting more and more difficult to process data in such a way that it is useful to us. The best way to make this data meaningful is to visualize it because we tend to process and respond to visual data more than any other type of data. Using illustrations can not only help visualize what you need to convey but also make it more attractive and personal.

What are Illustrations?

The word illustration comes from the Latin word illustrate, which means to convey a meaning or explain a context. An illustration is a drawing, painting, photograph, or any sort of visual representation that means something. 

What are the Types of Illustrations?

types of illustrations

There are many different types of illustration that are used in various situations. Let us look at some of them

Editorial Illustration: An editorial illustration is usually found in books, magazines, newspapers, or web sources. They are created to better express the ideas behind the texts in these works.

Advertising Illustration: Illustrations used in promotional materials are called advertising illustrations. Their main aim is to catch the attention of viewers. They express impressive ideas that are easy to understand and remember. They can be used without any text.

Concept Illustration: These illustrations are used in movies, games, and other industries, as working material for finding the best image, product, person, etc for the work. Usually, there are a number of concept illustrations made to get to the right one. 

Fashion Illustration: Just as the name suggests, fashion illustrations are used to visualize clothes before they are produced. This is where fashion designers begin their work. These illustrations go through a lot of scrutiny and changes before the clothes are produced. 

Technical Illustrations: Technical illustrations are the accurate depiction of an object for better understanding. They are usually used for scientific purposes and give importance to the clarity of beauty. 

Infographics: Infographics are a type of illustration that include a selection of images and diagrams with minimal text. They are usually used to convey an essence of a topic. Infographics make it easier to understand information and a large amount of data. 

Package Illustrations: Package illustrations, much like advertising illustrations are used to help sell products. They are made to be eye-catching to grab the attention of viewers. Good illustrations help define the brand and add a personal touch to them. Also, Read: Why Web Design matters in Digital Marketing

How do Illustrations Help a Website?

Illustrations help users better understand the context behind the image, conveying emotions that words cannot. Let us look into the various ways how illustrations can benefit a website: 

It gives originality to your website: Illustrations add a unique creative element to your website and help it stand out from the competition.   

They serve as a visual divider between sections: Custom illustrations can help design the navigation of your website. 

They help grab attention to parts of your website: Adding the right illustration can help direct the attention of your visitors to parts of the website you need. 

They offer an aesthetic value to your website: Even though people look for practicality, they still love beauty. If you have a practically laid-out website with beautiful illustrations, nothing can beat it.

Illustration helps create an emotion around your product or service: Humans are emotional people and as much as we don’t like to accept it, we love it when there is a personal touch to the digital presence. With the right illustrations, you can depict the emotions that your brand represents on your website. 

Illustrations can help set up a brand identity: You can use illustrations on your website to set up an identity for your brand. 

Illustrations can help add humor to your website: Humor can help save dull content on pages that are unavoidable like using funny illustrations on 404 pages.

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What are the Latest Trends in Web Design Illustration?

Latest Trends in Web Design Illustration

Make your website with illustrations more appealing by adopting the current trends. 

Clean designs: As websites start including more illustrations on their pages, minimalism has started gaining popularity to provide clarity.

Symmetrical layouts: A good website has harmonious composition. While organized chaos used to be a ‘thing’, recently, websites seem to be embracing simplicity. Grid layouts and split pages are now gaining popularity. 

Serif & lightweight typography: Serif fonts have a lot of elegance to offer and websites these days can be seen adopting these fonts with tips on their edges. Some of the popular ones are Times New Roman, Garamond, and Georgia.

Earthy & primary colors: Primary colors are becoming popular again. Since there is a global emphasis on sustainability, there seems to be an emphasis given to nature-forward designs too. But the 21st Century being what it is, everyone is trying to be different from one another. Adding an extra element like neon palettes into the mix without disturbing the aesthetics is something that is popping up on current websites. 

Images of real people: Inclusivity is the new normal, and brands want to convey an identity that resonates with everyone equally. As a result, illustrations have become more and more inclusive over the years. Now you can see human illustrations that look like the people we see in our daily lives rather than the perfected versions that used to be depicted earlier.  

3D motion elements: This is another way of giving an edge to minimalistic illustrations. Adding motion graphics of minimalistic designs in clean layouts gives a completely unusual effect.

Surrealistic visual combinations: Surrealistic designs and out-of-the-world compositions have the potential to capture the visitor’s attention. But since they are a strange combination, these illustrations must be done perfectly to make sure that their essence does not get lost. 

Blur effect: This effect is seen to be used in various intensities to manipulate what is seen and unseen on a page. This trend helps highlight what is important and blur the other elements to keep them more vague.  

Illustrations can help make or break the design of a website. Nowadays, great content means nothing if it does not look attractive. If you want to get ROI from the traffic that is driven into your website, you need illustrations. Avail the help of UI/UX design services to see what can be done for your website.

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