PPC Advertising Services

Grow your business with our ppc services. Expand your brand and reach new prospects with online paid advertising from one of the leading PPC management agencies.

PPC Advertising Services

We are a Paid Media Management and a PPC Management Agency that provides various PPC services to reach out to your target audience and fulfill your marketing objectives. With our well-planned and structured packages, we provide PPC Advertising Services for lead generation, brand awareness, mobile app installs, store walk-ins, increasing sales and more.

At CYFER, we channel brand communications by strategically planning and optimizing your ppc campaigns.

Search Ads

Attract more customers on the phone or your website with Search Ads. They are sponsored ads displayed above the organic results each time someone searches for keywords related to your offerings.

Display Ads

Promote your brand on different online channels using creative banners. Display ads can be deployed on social media, websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms to encourage click-through and take action.

Social Media Ads

Interact with a more significant number of audiences through social media ads optimized by using profile data and audience information. These ads target customers who are likely to respond to your ads and sponsored posts and share similar interests.

Video Ads

Interact and quickly gain customer attention within the seconds of video advertisement played before, during, or after streaming content. Video ads create brand awareness and build the want in the customer's mind. 

Shopping Ads

Give your customers a quick sneak-peak of your products with exciting prices and offers across all the channels, before they click the ad. Shopping ads drive traffic, sales, and generate qualified leads to your website or app.

Remarketing Ads

Connect & Interact with customers who have previously visited or shown interest in your products, website, or app. These can strategically position ads in front of your audiences, to lure them into making a purchase based on their previous interests.

Amazon Ads

Find, attract, and engage millions of Amazon customers and reach audiences who would be interested in your products or services through amazon advertisements. Amazon Ads are also a great way to increase brand awareness and conversions. 

Mobile App Ads

In-app or mobile app advertising is an effective marketing strategy to get more people to install and engage with your products or app. These ads are more effective than other ads; the main reason inclining to the prolonged use of smartphones by the users. 

Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of converting the visitors made using useful marketing tools and strategies, as your existing customers or buyers, thus increasing sales and business outcomes.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management allows you to intelligently plan, execute, track, analyze, & optimize campaigns run across different channels and take necessary measures to generate leads and increase sales. 

Technology & Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Francis Alukkas had an online shop, but they were practically invisible on search engines. With no organic traffic and ranked keywords, they had a hard time ...

Digital activation for a leader in the automotive industry

We helped Eram Motors, a leading Mahindra vehicles dealer, to achieve marketing success through Facebook promotions and lead generation.

Precision targeting and lead generation for IIMK

We worked with the Indian Institute of Management to generate leads for their Ph. D program. Learn how we used precision targeting for this successful campaign.