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Mobile Application Development Company in Calicut, Kerala

Would you like to have services that can make a positive difference to your business through a mobile app development company in Kerala, India? 

We are a mobile application development company in Calicut, Kerala with years of experience in the industry. Calicut, Kerala, has been home to hundreds of happy clients. Dedicated to helping you succeed, we have a team of experienced strategists, developers, designers, and marketers.

You can use an online presence to increase your revenue and attract more customers. For more information, contact an expert by calling 7025 360 025 or contacting us online.

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    Mobile App Development Services 

    As a leading mobile app development agency based in Calicut, Kerala, we offer various creative services for our clients. Through a combination of marketing strategies and technology solutions, we help businesses increase revenue.

    Many of our clients in Calicut have benefited from our cross-platform app development services, which include iOS app development, Android app development, and hybrid app development. We work with you to turn your business into a high-performance operation by utilizing our team's extensive experience.

    What is Mobile App Development?

    Development of mobile applications is the process of creating software applications that run on mobile devices, and mobile apps usually use a network connection to connect to remote computing resources. Therefore, native and hybrid app development for mobile involves the creation of installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc. ), integrating backend services such as developing APIs, and testing the application on target devices.

    For your projects, we choose the right development approach based on the user experience you desire, the computing resources required, the native features of the app, and the development budget, time to deliver, and resources available to maintain the app.

    Android Applications

    We offer web design and web development services in Calicut. Our capabilities include designing and developing custom CMS, Ecommerce and web applications.

    iOS Applications

    Our mobile app development services in Calicut are focused on creating custom hybrid applications focused on client requirements and great user experience.

    Hybrid Applications

    Our paid media management services in Calicut are customized to the needs of local businesses. We deliver value by expanding reach, driving leads, and increasing sales.

    Cross Platform Applications

    Our SEO services in Calicut focus on increasing traffic to the website through on-page optimization, link building activities, content marketing and more.

    Our Calicut Office

    1st Floor, Al Ameen Bldg, Mini Bypass Road,
    Puthiyara, Calicut 673004, Kerala, India

    +91 7025 360 025 

    Technologies we use

    We work with brands where we can make a difference. Our integrated approach to  digital marketing and budget-optimization

    Our Portfolio

    Over the years, we have completed successful software development projects in web development and mobile app development and design projects in branding.

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    Digital Marketing Case Studies

    Our digital marketing services in Calicut are focused on driving business growth and performance. Here are some case studies of our successful projects.

    Increasing Search Traffic for a Popular Jewelry Brand

    Francis Alukkas had an online shop, but they were practically invisible on search engines. With no organic traffic and ranked keywords, they had a hard time ...

    Digital activation for a leader in the automotive industry

    We helped Eram Motors, a leading Mahindra vehicles dealer, to achieve marketing success through Facebook promotions and lead generation.

    Precision targeting and lead generation for IIMK

    We worked with the Indian Institute of Management to generate leads for their Ph. D program. Learn how we used precision targeting for this successful campaign.

    What our clients say

    Can you do android and iphone app development?

    As a mobile app development company, we build apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. We use development frameworks like React and React native so we can quickly support both web and mobile applications.

    Are you a software development company?

    Yes, we are one of the top mobile app development companies with the top app developers in our team who are acquired with broad capabilities to successfully deliver complex apps as well as online portal development projects.

    Can you tell me how you make sure you build exactly what I want?

    The building of your needs does not begin without understanding the commercial factors that are causing your project to be needed. To get to a position where we are able to challenge your assumptions about the features you require, we want to learn as much as possible very quickly.

    Can you provide maintenance, support and updates on an ongoing basis?

    As for support, we provide options such as ad-hoc, or monthly retainers if you would like more consistency and reliability with your support.

    Who will own the proprietary rights once the mobile app is developed??

    The most common question we receive is who will own the intellectual property rights to the app once it has been developed and deployed. Clients receive the app rights once it has been launched. Following the completion of a project, the entire project is turned into the client, including the design and code for the app.