Latest Web Design Trends 2021: Top Must-Knows for Customer

Web designs are constantly evolving, a great deal of creativity spun into them. To keep up in the technology race, it’s necessary to have an idea about aesthetics, too. If you already have a website for your business or plan to have one, you must know the latest web design trends.

Customers these days are very conscious about their user experience on your website. Eye-catching web designs, comfortable and functional navigation, fast-loading pages, legible typography and decent colour themes are always preferred by web users.

Today, we are sharing with you the latest web design trends we found floating around in 2021 and will see more of them.

1. More Multimedia Experiences

Web design trends 2021 are showing up a lot of multimedia use, especially in the homepages. This enriches the user experience extensively, although simplicity is the key.

Using videos, visuals, text and audios to relate your brand story or introduce your product or service is very much in vogue right now, and with increased exposure and attention to multimedia among internet users, it’s going to make quite some rounds in the latest web design trends.

2. Innovative Scrolling Experience

The list of what’s new in web design would be incomplete without a mention of the innovative scrolling techniques used on web pages lately. There are parallax scroll animations that make use of illustrations according to mouse cursor positions which give the website visitor an entertaining welcome to your website and a little more than their average attention span.

Another trend we really like is horizontal scrolling that designers are renovating now. Earlier, horizontal scrolling was considered to be a blunder, but with the right twist, it’s very much back in trend.

As long as it is not the only navigation choice given and it is being used judiciously where the content benefits from the scrolling style (as for a gallery of images), horizontal scrolling is going to be seen a lot among the latest web design trends.

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3. Renovation of Traditional Fonts


Old is gold as the saying goes but not always. We do see vintage and retro styles becoming a thing again for a fleeting time, but they get buried just as soon as they trend.

However, if you have been researching web design trends 2021, what are the latest spins and renovations going on in it, you must have spotted how the traditional fonts are reborn as catchy, modern fonts which are minimalistic yet statement-making.

4. 3D Visual Elements

Mostly seen in combination with minimalistic designs, the latest web design trends throw in an ample serving of 3D visual elements.

3D visuals enhance the attractiveness and grab the customer’s attention by the collar. They speak volumes about your brand or business and with the right colour themes and typography, they can leave lasting impressions in the visitor’s memory.

5. Grains and Muted Colours

Another element we are excited to find taking space in the latest web design trends is the use of grains. Grainy textures can exude a natural feel to the web page. Aesthetically, they are soothing to the visual sense and take minimalism to the next level in web designs.

One crucial aspect in web design is how to choose colour combinations for a website. If you have planned to have a website for your business, you have brainstormed and browsed about the best colour combinations for websites. The truth is, it entirely depends on the type of design and the kind of brand or products you want the website for.

Muted colours are catching some eyeballs in the latest web design trends. We have seen a good amount of bright and loud colours in websites. After that, few understated colours and subdued shade combinations can offer a refreshingly natural and viewer-friendly experience.

6. More Personalized User Experience

More personalized user experience

As with every year, 2021 is not different- they come with more transformations, commands and demands. Internet users are very much in love with being in control of their preferences. Web design trends 2021 give much importance to allowing the users to choose their preferred settings in viewing a web page.

The website users will be increasingly in control of how they view the content and navigate the website. One of the most commonly used preference-setting is the dark/light mode. Web designs are also optimized for viewing on any device, desktop or mobile.

There are many more trends in web design that are demanding attention like Augmented Reality (AR), Scrollytelling, Dark Mode, geometric designs and cartoon illustrations.

What ideas do you have for enhancing the customer experience on your website? What would you like to draw their attention to and which web design and development services trend do you think best fits your company?

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