Features of an Ecommerce Site: Must-Haves for 2023

E-commerce features and benefits are attractive prospects for those who are looking to do business online. Running an eCommerce business leads to generating revenue 24/7 throughout the year. The best eCommerce websites can stir interest amongst the target audience and turn visitors into paying customers.

If your website does not have important features of e-commerce, it might not be attractive enough and potential customers will leave and go to your competitors for a better shopping experience.

We have created an e-commerce features list to help you make your online shop a success. Whether you are building a new one or revamping your online store, these advanced ecommerce features will help you get on the right track.

Mobile-Responsive Design


Mobile-responsive design is high among the e-commerce features of 2023. It lets customers easily explore your website from the mobile with the same ease that you would do on the desktop. Your website would easily adapt to different screen sizes without any distorted or disproportionate on-page elements. In order to make your e-commerce website more responsive you need to create a flexible layout, improve SEO, boost mobile traffic, reduce bounce rate, ease management and social media sharing, and enhance UI/UX. You can also create a unifying buying experience where customers who add items to their shopping cart on a desktop can finish the checkout process on their smartphones later.

User-Friendly Navigation

In order to have visitors buy from your e-commerce website and visit again, you need to make a good first impression. For that, shoppers need to be able to navigate your websites smoothly – whether they want to compare products, get in touch with customer service, or complete their purchase. You can categorize your products logically so that they are easy to find, use a concise header, improve them based on onsite behavior, and use universally known symbols and icons.

Optimized Shopping Cart

This is on top of e-commerce trends. It makes it easier to take customers to the finish line easily. You can use an “add to cart” option that allows shoppers to continue browsing more products. You can make use of a mini cart, and even display valuable information on the cart page. Also, Read: Why E Commerce Important in Modern Business

Frictionless Checkout Process

A complex checkout process can confuse shoppers and even make them back out from their purchases. By giving buyers multiple options to pay, and allowing guest checkouts without registering, you make the checkout process easier.

Offer Waiting List and Wish List Options

With this option, you can let your customers know when the customers they want are in stock. The wishlist feature allows buyers to create a collection of their favorite things on your website. This tool helps you retarget customers who didn’t purchase items on their wishlist.

Site Search

Providing a search bar on your website helps customers find what they are looking for easily. A good internal search points the customers in the right direction in the quickest time. Here are some tips that can help you design an effective search bar:

  • Position the search bar on the top left or right corner of the screen to maximise visibility.
  • Use the standard icon – the magnifying glass
  • Use autocomplete to save time
  • Enhance search suggestions by including synonymous words. This can point buyers to the right product even if they use similar words.

Easy-to-Understand Shipping Policy

Including relevant shipping, return, and exchange information makes it easy to gain the trust of shoppers. You should include shipping options, costs, restrictions, processing times, and international shipping information. You can also share a detailed exchange and return policy, and explain a step-by-step process for returning, replacing, and refunding purchased items. It helps protect your business and ease the process of returning items. Also, Read: All About the Future Scope of Ecommerce Website

Include Social One-Click Login

Include Social One-Click Login

This can help customers log in to your website quickly. It also allows you to gather valuable information and interests. You should choose social networks that your target audience mostly uses. You can also position the social login button in such a way that it is easily visible.

Easy Tracking

Making order tracking easy and real-time is an important part of the future of e-commerce in 2023. Facilitating a system where customers can receive updates about their order status allows them to know when to expect their order, find out about delays, and plan ahead. It enhances customer experience, reduces post-purchase anxiety, and avoids unnecessary status inquiries.

Simple Contact Process

Customers may want to contact you for many reasons. Making sure that your contact is easily accessible is reassuring to them. You can also include live chat features for immediate access.

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