Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices

No matter which industry or business field you are from, Facebook carousel ad is your new best friend for increasing your sales revenue and cutting down on your cost per conversion rates. Regardless of your digital marketing goals, make sure that your newly hired social media marketing expert is well-versed in Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices.

Today’s article focuses on giving you an extensive idea on Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices so that you can implement them to create interactive ads best suited for your business.

What are Facebook Carousel Ads?

What are Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ad constitutes a set of images or videos which combine together to form a single ad and which can yield multiple results for any brand or business, using the feature for their advertisement.

Each of these images should have a call to action button which leads to respective landing pages, thereby, double folding the results out of a single ad itself.

How to Create Facebook Crousel Ads?


How to create Facebook carousel ads that grabs audience attention might be a confusing task for a beginner. We will take you through a step by step guide on how to create the best carousel ads and reap the benefits of carousel ads.

In order to design a Facebook ad that falls within the Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices according to Facebook ad experts, you need to be clear on what is the marketing end goal that you would like to achieve. Once sure of this aspect, you can navigate to the Ads Manager and click on your desired carousel format.

Once you choose your desired ad set and Carousel ad format, your Facebook ad is all good to go!

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Carousel Ad Format

Carousel ad format

One of the firsts Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices involves following the ad format and designing the best creatives for your ads. To achieve this, you need to be thorough with the following design specifications.

Image Resolution: 1080×1080 pixels
Image Aspect Ratio: 1: 1
File type: png or jpg
Maximum file size (Image): 30 Megabyte
Maximum file size (Video): 4 Gigabyte
Text limit: 125 characters
Link Description: 20 characters
Headline: 40 characters
Maximum Video Length: 240 minutes

It is advised to stick with the above specifications in order to avoid any glitch in the creation and the smooth running of your ads.

Facebook Carousel Ad Examples

If you are looking for an ideal example of carousel ads to know the effectiveness of Facebook ads, then feel free to go through the carousel ads popping up on your feed while scrolling during holiday seasons when all the shopping spree madness strikes.

You can check out the Facebook carousel ads template of a few brands like Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart and check out how the products along with their discounted pricing have been displayed with attractive headlines to entice customers to click on the products and be directed to their landing sites.

Top Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices

Here are some of the Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices that you could refer to for producing the best Facebook carousel ads.

1. Narrate a Visually Engaging Story

Arranging your images or videos in such a way that you create a visually engaging story is one prominent Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices that you can implement. When you place the visuals in a sequence, it is easy to create a story out of it. It is one means of ensuring that your audience is engaged and is having fun with the ad.

Placing the images or videos in such a way that the user is tempted to scroll left to know what is next, adds to the excitement and interest it can evoke in them. Connecting the visuals to form a bigger image also works beautifully.

 2. Grab the Eye of the Users

The primary aim of Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices followed by social media strategists is to ensure that the users stop in their track while scrolling down the feed. In order to achieve this, the images should have depth and the videos should be artfully directed.

All aspects of photography and videography including colours, lighting, etc. should be carefully crafted and consistent with the theme of the brand to add cohesion.

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3. Close-Knit Visuals

The visuals should have a connection between them that should be maintained throughout. If the images or videos feel disconnected or fragmented, you are sure to lose your audience there itself.

4. Put the Features to Use

It is important to have a carefully crafted and attractive headline or text description, to grab the audience eye, and coax them to take action. Make sure that the creative are in tone with your business and brand identity.

5. Perfect Landing Pages

The landing page is where all the sales are bound to occur. For maximum conversion rate, make sure that on each click, the customer is transported to the product / service page or on to a page where the products along with all the similar items are showcased to lure in customers and influence their buying behaviour.

6. Showcase the Best Cards First

You can make use of A/B testing and showcase your different set of best performing cards to decide which performs better. But one additional feature of Facebook Carousel ad is that it lets you test the performance of each of the images or videos within the set of carousels and order them accordingly, so that you can decide whether to keep or replace the visuals with another set so as to achieve maximum results.

But if you are telling a story with your carousels, it is better to leave this strategy.

Is Facebook Advertising Effective?

Now that you are familiar with the Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices, your doubts regarding the effectiveness of Facebook advertising for your business must have been answered and cleared.

The major advantage Carousel ads offer is that you can target multiple prospects with each of the visuals in your carousels, thereby including all demographics and customer personas and not leaving out any.

Visual storytelling is the tool of the century for digital marketers all across the globe, so make sure that you utilize it in the best way possible.

Have you started working on ideas for your next lead generation Facebook carousel ad yet?

We are eager to know your progress! If you are stuck with something, feel free to contact us. We can assist you with the technicalities without any hassles.

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