Expert Predictions on Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

This blog looks at the emerging mobile app development trends in 2022. The mobile app development industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s world. There are over 5 million apps already available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With the latest developments in software and technology, this number will keep increasing. Statista expects the global revenue from mobile apps to reach $613 billion by 2025.

This growth opens up a lot of opportunities for software developers to come up with innovative applications. It also allows them to upgrade the user experience of existing apps to increase customer retention.

With so many new app ideas coming up, it is also true that a lot of apps fail. One of the main reasons behind the failure of apps is the inability to track the latest mobile app technology and development trends. It is also important to understand the market and user behavior.

Emerging Mobile App Developments of 2022

With our lives becoming increasingly dependent on digital services, we have started relying on various applications for daily activities like shopping, communication, information, etc. Trends in emerging mobile app developments are significantly influenced by the needs of such users. In order to develop successful and unique apps, you need to be aware of all ‘mobile app development trends 2022’.  Let us try to understand the latest trends and how they can help apps increase customer retention.


One of the latest trends in mobile app development in 2022 is the rising popularity of 5G. Technology companies have started incorporating 5G at a full scale and are on track to become the new standard. The gaining popularity of 5G will change how we build and use apps. It will make apps faster, smoother, and more efficient. It will also open rooms for innovation in existing apps. The future of mobile application development is in complex ideas that can be made a reality with 5G. And as long as it is unique and interesting, your dream app can become successful.

IoT and Cloud

IoT and Cloud

Another mobile app development trend of 2022 that will decide the future of your mobile app may be its integration with the Internet of Things (IoT). We are already surrounded by devices that are connected to the internet. IoT has become a part of our daily lives in recent years.

Even though we have seen mobile connected-smart objects for a long time, there has been a sudden increase in the past few years. Our homes and offices are starting to be filled with IoT gadgets and systems. With this comes an inevitable increase in the demand for IoT-enabled apps that will integrate with the rest of the services. The demand for IoT and Cloud are increasing in workspaces due to their security assurances and other benefits like operational costs and efficiency etc. 

AI and Machine Learning

Taking our love for personalized experiences into consideration, it is safe to say that AI and machine learning technologies will play a crucial role in the mobile app development trends of 2022. AI already plays a significant role in navigation and speech recognition. It is also used in detecting frauds and suspicious activities using behavioral algorithms. Machine Learning, although not yet popular, is a trend we can look forward to. When AI and Machine learning is harmoniously integrated, it can do wonders for mobile app development services.



According to Statista, The global AR/VR market has reached $12 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $160 billion by 2023. As technology develops, AR/VR will transform our digital lives forever. It will change the way we experience gaming, entertainment, and travel. Live streaming on mobile apps will be taken to a whole new level. Since it will enhance how we interact with others both personally and professionally, AR/VR will be a beloved mobile app development trend of 2022.


Predictions by Statista show that there will be around 1.1 billion wearable devices in 2022 which undoubtedly makes it an emerging mobile app development trend of 2022. Like almost all other developments, this is also designed to make our lives easier. Receiving notifications and messages on the smartwatch can be a blessing for those of us who commute in rush areas and may not be able to quickly access our communication devices on time. Wearables are also gaining popularity in fitness tracking as the world is becoming more conscious about keeping their health in check.  Also, check: Types of Mobile Apps: Things Every Clients Should Know

Mobile Commerce

As the COVID pandemic took over our lives, we have had to change our lifestyle to accommodate the precautions required. From small business owners to large business conglomerates, everyone has had to rely on e-commerce. The Ecommerce sector is responsible for sales worth $3.56 trillion, and 72.9% of these sales happen on mobile.

As most of us started to prefer shopping online, business owners started developing apps to provide a personalized shopping experience. Hence, mobile commerce can be a significant part of ‘mobile app development trends 2022’. The mobile commerce market is expected to be worth around $22 billion by then.

There are already over 6.5 million apps on Google and Apple stores combined. Those who look forward to developing mobile apps that stand out will have to face cut-throat competition. If you want your apps to be successful, you need to have an idea about the future of mobile application development and use them to come up with personalized, feature-filled apps.

Mobile app development trends will constantly evolve according to the needs of consumers. As Covid-19 hit, we have witnessed the trends change as we adapted to moving our lives online. The mobile app developments for 2022 will be in providing personalized experiences. Making an effort to foresee what technological needs the future might hold and developing technology to meet them is the best way to ensure the success of any app. 

What other mobile app development trends do you hope to see in 2022? 

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