12 Effective Ideas on Email Marketing for Online Retailers

It’s easier than ever to capture the interest of a potential customer in the 21st century. Your products can be acquired and improved through a variety of channels, including PPC campaign and social media campaign. But by using email marketing, this can be accomplished rather easily.

For online retailers, we have compiled 12 excellent ideas and tips on how to write effective email marketing campaigns and emails. No longer worry about how email marketing is useful for e-commerce.

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing?

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Approximately 25% of our sales were attributed to email marketing, according to statistics. To give you a head start on advertising your online store we’ve gathered 12 email marketing tips for online retailers.

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12 Effective Methods of Email Marketing for Online Retailers

Email Marketing for Online Retailers

Segmentation of the Email List

According to experts, segmenting a list for email marketing is essential for online retailers. Creating a list of emails tailored to the customer’s interests can greatly increase your strategy’s chances of working. You can tap into their interests based on previous purchases, their location, or their activity logs on your website.

Keeping this in mind will also help you avoid being labeled as spam by your potential customers since your emails will add value to their lives and not be considered spam.

Adding New Customers to the List

Email Marketing for Online Retailers involves getting new customers on your email list. New users are therefore more interested in your products than older users.

It is always advisable to send emails in a specific order or sequence. The details could include information about placing an order, special offers, return policies, customer support, etc.

Switch to Automated Sequences

Email Marketing for Online Retailers is generally advised to use automated sequences according to the digital marketing experts. A sequence of emails not only saves time, but automates the entire email-sending process.

Both trigger-based and time-based emails are beneficial in reviving old customers as well as getting new ones engaged with your products.

Put Customer Feedback to Use

In email marketing, customer feedback is often not utilized effectively to increase sales. More than 70% of people rely on online reviews as much as they trust their close ones’ recommendations, according to surveys and reports.

It also helps businesses to gain insights into the behavior and preferences of their customers. Thus, customer feedback is an important research tool when it comes to Email Marketing for Online Retailers.

Give Away Free Content

A giveaway is a great way to attract new as well as old customers to your store. In the form of an eBook or even your own product, you can provide valuable content which is useful to your customers.

Your credibility increases depending on the value you provide to buyers. Also, read about the new era of performance marketing

Reclaim Abandoned/Neglected Carts

One of the best strategies in Email Marketing for Online Retailers is to send abandonment emails. Shoppers are often distracted halfway through their shopping and abandon their carts half-full. It is therefore a good idea to send them reminder emails to motivate them to go shopping again.

These email campaigns are very successful, especially if you combine them with coupons or free shipping options which motivate them to complete the abandoned purchase.

Personalized Special Event Emails

E-commerce email marketing should focus on ensuring that your customers always feel special, rather than just acting as a marketing tool.

It is very likely that they will purchase that item on the day of their anniversary or birthday if you send them coupons or offers during those commemorative days. Having already bought themselves such gifts on special days, they feel entitled to buy them on other occasions.

Putting A/B Testing to Use

Online retailers should also take advantage of split testing or A/B testing in their Email Marketing campaigns. With two sets of emails to users, you can experiment with different contents, names, etc. to find the best time to send emails.

It is important to test which of your products works best with your audience.

Re-engage and Recover Old Customers

The experts in the field of Email Marketing for Online Retailers suggest that reactivating old customers is better and easier than finding new ones. The re-engagement campaign email list could be added to a client if they haven’t contacted you for more than 85 days.

Your emails should be catching and special with a personalized touch, so you can reach out to your customers.

Creative Landing Pages

Online retailers and businesses often overlook the importance of committed landing pages when it comes to Email Marketing for business. When you constantly redirect your users to generic product grids, even with all the effort you put into your campaigns, you are bound to lose them.

Create a result-oriented landing page by using engaging colours and storytelling techniques. You may also want to check out these landing page design tips

Mailing Product Recommendations

The best kind of email to communicate with your customers is a recommendation email. Make sure you know what your customer’s psyche is like so you can recommend products that are similar to the ones they are already buying.

Consider providing some small offers on such products in order to entice customers to shop at your store more often.

Rewards for Best Customers

Rewards are the best marketing technique that comes under Email Marketing for Online Retailers.

You can always send a “thank you” email to a customer who is actively engaging with your business. A gift card could be a great incentive to motivate an inactive customer to make a purchase if they haven’t bought anything in a long time.

While focusing on more sales, online retailers should prioritize email marketing.

A lot of it is also about staying in touch with your customers as often as possible, rather than simply getting them to shop more on your website.


“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.


In the long run, personalizing your emails will always yield better results. Try incorporating a few of the strategies that we discussed above into your email campaigns and let us know how it turns out.

Trying to find more strategies for irresistible email marketing for ecommerce? Let’s have a productive and creative discussion about it!

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