Digital Marketing Tools: Measure Your Online Efforts & Grow with Useful Tools 

Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Online

Digital marketing tools have become important in today's world. They help you make quick decisions and take instant actions. Digital marketing tools can help you save time and calculate very accurately. We have developed our own set of tools that can help you in online advertising, search engine optimization, and web development. This set of digital marketing tools are designed to help you grow online in different ways. So do check them out and let us know you feedback by writing to us.

CTR Calculator

Click-through-rate is an important metric to track as it tells you that your audience is clicking on your ads and coming to your landing page. If your CTR is low, your ads should be optimized to maximize the CTR. The CTR calculator determines your CTR based on the number of ad clicks and ad impressions. 

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ROAS Calculator

To keep track of your investments in online advertising, you will need to calculate the return on investment. The ROAS calculator will help you do just that. All you have to do is enter the revenue derived from the ad source and the cost of the ad source. The tool will calculate the ROAS percentage for you.

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CPA Calculator

The cost per action tells you how much you paid for each conversion, which could be a click, a lead, or even a sale. CPA is an important metric to monitor the health of your online ad campaigns. The CPA calculator can tell you the cost per action by inputting the cost per click and conversion rate.

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WhatsCy - WhatsApp Shop

WhatsCy is an online tool for small and medium businesses to receive orders through WhatsApp. You can upload your products or services to WhatsCy and get your catalog page. Your customers can go through your catalog, add the desired products to a cart and check out to receive orders on Whatsapp.

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Domain & Hosting

Getting timely support and choosing the right assets for your web operations can be a hassle. Whether you need to purchase a new domain or business emails or even a server, we have you covered all the way. You can purchase it directly from CYFER and we will be giving you all the support you need.

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SEO Tools

Search engine optimization can be overwhelming with all the fine details you have to get right. Doing everything manually can be time-consuming, so we have put together a set of SEO tools that makes it easy for you to measure and analyze different aspects of SEO. Don't take our word, try it out for yourself.

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