Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses During COVID Times

When the pandemic came down upon us, goals changed from thriving to surviving.

But, let’s say it.

People staying in also means people staying online for longer than usual. Digital marketing has never been more relevant and effective.

However, if you have been shying away from it just because you own a small business, we want you to listen closely. 

Digital marketing for small businesses is just as important as it is for big brands and business entities. You have to up your game regardless of the size of your business. You have to sell where the crowd is. And now more than ever, it is online. 

Importance of digital marketing for small businesses

Here’s a quick look at why digital marketing is crucial for your small business in today’s world:

  • Cost-effective marketing: Undoubtedly, digital marketing is more cost-effective marketing than traditional marketing and for small businesses, all the more so. It doesn’t need heavy investments.
  • Opportunity v/s size: Regardless of the size, digital marketing provides equal opportunities to all kinds of businesses. Digital marketing helps small businesses to balance their business and market themselves alongside big businesses with increased visibility.
  • Defined target audience: Digital marketing allows you to narrow down your audience to a specific group, thereby ensuring more conversions and results. It also gives you the tools to engage in personalized marketing.
  • More conversions and more revenue: Digital marketing has the highest conversion rates. Every conversion helps you to pinpoint your potential audience and earn more conversions in the future. High conversions by default means more revenue.
  • Wider reach through mobile devices: Mobile responsive websites and other platforms that mobile users frequently contribute much to conversions because a lot happens on small screens now.
  • Reputation of your brand: Along with your brand awareness and brand loyalty, brand reputation grows when you use digital marketing for small businesses.
  • Measure results: There are tools and strategies which let you keep track of how your business is faring through digital marketing. This gives an insight into how to improve your marketing as well as to be aware of its performance so far.

So here goes the top 5 digital marketing tips for small businesses during COVID times. 

1. Amp up your online presence

online presence

This is not optional anymore. Small businesses often skip ppc management agency services and their possibilities.

They tether themselves to the contentment of physical stores and real-time services. But in crisis, we learn new ways to thrive and you have to accept this. Customer behaviors have changed. Online is where they are. Online is where you should be.

Revamp your website that has been collecting dust and make it collect leads instead. A functional and attractive website is the first staple in digital marketing for small businesses. 

Do you have one yet?

2. Personalize with email marketing

email marketing

If you have been wondering what to do to kick-start your small business online, take out all those email addresses you have in your address book.

Let’s put it to use with highly personalized email marketing. There’s no better way to let people know that your business has moved to the web.

Email marketing can also be spaced in a way that potential customers do not miss out on any special announcements or forget to pay your online store a visit.

3. Increase the dosage of social media

social media

If you have not been active on social media, it’s high time you began.

But if you have been fairly active, it’s time you made it aggressive, convincing and valuable, so that your social media presence translates into conversions, leads and loyalty.

Running ad campaigns to reach out to a wider target audience, defining it with lookalikes is another great way to announce the digitalization of your business.

 4. Re-target and re-engage


Digital marketing for small businesses is incomplete without re-targeting and re-engaging. After running marketing ad campaigns, you should do it all over again, just to remind your potential audience of your brand and products.

Advertising results in conversions and leads only with re-targeting and re-engaging.

People need to see you time and again for your brand name to get imprinted in their minds. Follow up your ad with an even better ad, with a defined audience and more specific objective to reach the audience with consumer behaviors that you need to succeed. 

 5. Gift vouchers, discount codes and offers

coupons and offers

Almost everyone loves gifts and discounts. Show them some love. You won’t regret that. Bring on introductory offers and gift coupons to use while purchasing from your website.

It makes an attractive bait to advertise and is also a very popular move used in digital marketing for small businesses.

What You Can Do To Thrive As A Business During COVID

This pandemic year hasn’t been very kind on any business except the essential needs businesses.

Stores were closed and cities locked down. Transport of goods and delivery of services have been limited. Businesses switched to survival mode. 

But for how long?

At some point of time, we need to switch back to thriving instead of surviving. We need to co-exist with the crisis and survive it. That is exactly what digital marketing for small businesses can do.

There’s no better time to leverage your business and hold your chin up alongside big brands because in the digital world, you all are equals. Click To Tweet

What matters is what you have to offer people. 

Digital marketing for small businesses is a game-changer. For one thing, it is the present and the future.

The business and marketing scene has already succumbed to the ease digital marketing offers, not to mention the affordability and realistic promises of returns.

We have some awesome ideas on digital marketing for small businesses that you can definitely use for a revolutionary come back into the market.

Does your business have an online presence in the form of a website, social media handles and other tools?

Do you have a digital marketing plan in place? What would you like to see as outcomes from your online marketing? We would love to hear about your business plans and goals.  

If you want to know more about digital marketing services for small businesses, feel free to contact us.


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