Digital Marketing Glossary: Improve your digital marketing vocabulary

A Digital Marketing Glossary for Everyone

This digital marketing glossary is a compilation of commonly used terms in the digital marketing industry. These terms are commonly used in paid media, search engine optimization, and web development. You can refer to this digital marketing glossary if you find any words you don't know or need further clarification about. Check them out and let us know if we have missed anything by getting in touch with us.

Ad Extensions

They are supplementary pieces of data that help create better ads that improve the click-through rates. These additional data can be reviews, address, pricing, callouts, app downloads, site links etc.

Ad Manager Account

The Ad Manager Account helps edits, manage and run your Facebook ad campaigns on the Facebook Ad Network.

Adsense (Google Adsense)

A platform that lets websites earn money through advertisements that will be published on their website.


They are hyperlinks from one website to another using html href code. They are an influential determinant for determining organic rankings by Google.

Banner Ad

They are online image ads that are published on websites to get traffic or generate leads or complete our ad objective.


Bing is a search engine, much like Google but owned and operated by Microsoft.


It is a series of adverts that share the same theme to promote a brand, product or service. They can be published on search and display network advertising platforms like Google and Bing, Social Media or other marketing platforms.


It is the language on which websites are built. languages used to build a website. HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP are the most commonly used ones.


Any form of information available on the website or online is called content. Although commonly referred to as written text, in the digital era, content can be images, GIFs or videos.


It is a web page on which the entire data on the performance of a website or a campaign is displayed. It furnishes complex data in an easy-to-read format.

Digital Assistant

This is a software or an application that can accomplish tasks through oral instructions from the user. Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant and Siri from Apple are some of the biggest names in the field.

Digital Marketing

It refers to when advertising is performed digitally through social media, websites, search engines etc.


Electronic Commerce or E-commerce refers to businesses that conduct business online. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay are examples of e-commerce.

Email Marketing

Using email to achieve sales, customers, or any other type of advertising goal.

Email List

A compilation of email addresses that can be used to carry out targeted email marketing campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising and marketing brands, businesses, products and services on Facebook.

Facebook Profile

Refers to the regular Facebook account of a user-created when a user signs up.


An American tech-giant specialising in internet and related products and services including but not limited to a search engine, advertising tech, software services, etc.

Google Analytics

A free web analytics platform that measures advertising return on investment.

Google Adwords

An online advertising platform from Google that allows advertisers to reach potential customers via their search & display networks. Now renamed as Google Ads.

Google Ads

Formerly Google Adwords.


A hashtag denoted by # is a tag used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to help users find messages with a particular subject or content.


Hypertext Markup Language is a set of codes used to create and display web pages.


A code that creates a link from one page to another webpage. It can be triggered by clicking on a highlighted word or image.


The terminology used to signify how many times an ad was shown in digital advertising.

Inbound Marketing

It is a method by which businesses attract potential customers by creating valuable content that are targeted at them.

IP Address

It is a number assigned to each device that is used to identify the device that accesses the internet.


A programming language that is used to design applications.


It is a word that best defines the content that is furnished on the page or post.

Keyword Stuffing

A percentage of how frequently a keyword appears on a webpage.

Landing Page

They are webpages or mini-websites designed for the sole purpose of lead generation or for sales.


A potential customer who has been groomed for the business through the sales funnel who is interested in hiring the services or purchasing the product of the business.


An employment-oriented social networking platform that connects professionals to other professionals and careers.


Acronym for Name, Address and Phone number. (An important part of SEO)


HTML link attribute that signals web crawlers & search engines to not share the SEO equity.


A part of the traffic that visits the website, not through any paid ads. A measure of the quality of SEO campaign quality.


A search filter algorithm developed by Google to prevent websites with poor quality content to rank their pages on Google's first results.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click

A digital advertising model that charges advertisers only when the ad they posted is clicked. Commonly used in Facebook Ads & Google Ads.


The rank of a site or position of a site for a specific question or keyword. Related to search engines (Google, Bing, etc).

Quality Score

Rating of relevance and quality of keywords used in a PPC campaign by Google Ads


A 'question' as the term implies. Examples are "When does the latest iPhone release" and "What happened to Tata Motors Stock?"


A term used to denote where a website pops up in the Search Engine results. Ranking depends upon keywords


Better known as the 'Front page of the internet', Reddit is a collection of forums based on people's interests that range from 'Funny Cat Videos' to 'Search Engine Marketing' and more.


Acronym for Return On Ad Spend. It displays the profit made to the amount spent on ads.


Acronym for Return On Investment. To make money, a business should get more money than it spends on ads.

Search Engine

A program that hunts an index of data and delivers results based on the keywords provided. Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go are some of the biggest names.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The art of marketing a business through paid ads on search engine result pages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The method of increasing a website’s performance and rank in organic search engine results through different methods.


A marker of sorts used to identify and label various posts based on keywords and topic,


A micro-blogging social media platform where users post & interact with tweets or messages.

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter.


Uniform Resource Locator. It is the address of the webpage.


User Interface. UI refers to space where interactions between humans and machines occur.


User Experience. It involves how a user reacts and interacts with the website or app.


A term used to denote a user's exploration on a website. It was recently changed to 'sessions'.

Web 2.0

A complete redesign of the original World Wide Web that shifted static webpages to dynamic.


A collection of web pages and related content with a domain name and published on a web server.


Online seminar. It may be used to train, inform or sell to the target audience.


eXtensible Markup Language. It specifies a collection of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.


A social platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses.