4 Different Types of Customers and How to Deal With Them

Understanding the different types of customers and how to deal with them is an important aspect of the marketing process. Different types of customers will have different reasons for buying your product or service.

Understanding Them Will Help You to Serve Them Better and Improve Your Business

The Loyal Customer

the loyal customer

Loyal customers keep coming back for more and recommend your business to their friends and family members. They probably make up a small percentage of your business, but they are your brand ambassadors that help you grow through word-of-mouth. You can make loyalty schemes and give them special attention to keep them loyal.

The Discount Customer

Discount customers are frequent customers that purchase your products and services only when you offer discounts. They’ll see the value in your product, but won’t be willing to buy it at the full price. And when the offer runs out, you won’t be seeing them till the next one. Just like loyal customers, they also recommend your business to others if they are impressed with your discounts. You should explain and make them understand why your offer is the best one they can get.

The Impulsive Customer

The Impulsive Customer

Impulsive customers make unplanned purchases based on irrational thinking. They can’t be convinced and buy what they think is good at that particular time. Impulsive customers can be difficult for you to handle as they may not be looking for a specific product. If you are able to manage them in the right way, they can end up spending a lot of money.

The Need-Based Customer

Need-based customers are very careful about what they purchase. They are looking for a specific product to fulfill their specific need. They’ve probably gathered a lot of information about your product and are ready to make a rational decision. If they are convinced that there is a need, they won’t be worried about the price. When dealing with need-based customers, you’ll need to explain your product and how it can help serve their need in a convincing way.

These are only 4 different types of customers and there are many more classifications out there. Do you have any other types of customers in mind?

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