Case Study

Increasing search traffic for a popular jewelry brand


The Client

Francis Alukkas is a popular jewelry brand in India. They provide an extensive range of elegant and classy collections of gold and diamond ornaments. Recently, Francis Alukkas has launched an online shop where visitors can go through their exquisite jewelry and make purchases.

Francis Alukkas Logo

The What

Francis Alukkas had an online shop, but they were practically invisible on search engines. With no organic traffic and ranked keywords, Francis Alukkas had a difficult time reaching out to new customers and getting conversions. That’s when they approached us to develop a digital strategy to improve their online presence.

The Who

Whether you are a global brand or just a startup, e-commerce websites need Search Engine Optimization to maximize its profits.

We started off by doing keyword research and looking at the competitive landscape. In our research, we found that there were a lot of potential keywords that we could rank for and get targeted traffic.

ffrancis alukkas keyword research

site audit was done and we identified the on-page elements that needed to be optimized before moving onto the off-page activities of our process.

As a part of the SEO exercise, we formed a content strategy that involved blog articles, slides, infographics, and more. By consistent and quality content being created and distributed, we set a framework to start getting traction.

Increasing Organic Traffic for Francis Alukkas


By optimizing product pages and finding the right topics to write articles about, we were able to increase the number of ranked keywords on search engines. The number of keywords ranked on Google search grew consistently and a total of 400% increase in ranked keywords was achieved within 6 months.

Increase in Francis Alukkas Ranked Keywords

As a result of the content marketing efforts, one of the articles was featured as a snippet on Google Search. Featured snippets are search results that are selected by Google and highlighted at the top of the search results page. This means that Francis Alukkas was able to get additional brand exposure on search engines.

Besides the featured snippet, we also ranked targeted keywords on Google Search and Microsoft Bing.

Francis Alukkas Google Search Ranking


Francis Alukkas Bing Search

The SEO techniques that we implemented performed well and the client was more than satisfied with our efforts and the results we were able to produce.

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