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E-commerce was not popular among many of us until very recently. Most of us were apprehensive about the concept. We could not really put our trust in online shopping websites to provide good quality products and services. Over time, as it gained popularity within the younger generation, e-commerce started blooming.

However, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, we were all confined to our houses, it became impossible for us to physically go out and buy the things that we wanted. I think this is when the rest of the world really started trying out e-commerce services. They realized that reputable online shopping websites provided numerous options and remarkable services.

The scope of e-commerce in India bloomed during the pandemic. This success can also be the result of increased internet use among our generation. The soaring popularity of e-commerce websites can be rightly called a ‘positive impact of covid-19 on e-commerce. Some of the most successful e-commerce business 2022 are Amazon, Flipkart, etc. One of the biggest benefits of e-commerce to business is that an e-commerce website makes it easy to sell products to a larger audience, no matter where their physical location is. India has shown rapid growth in the eCommerce sector. It is now brimming with job opportunities and service providers.

Types of E-Commerce Business

Types of ECommerce Business

Online business has been divided into the following categories.

B2B (Business-to-Business): When one company, does business with another company with the help of the internet, it is called B2B eCommerce. For example, when an online stationery brand sources its raw materials from another online wood business.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer): This is the type of business where a company sells its goods and services to the general public via websites, mobile applications, etc. Eg: Food delivery apps.

C2B (Consumer-to-Business): Through this type of business, consumers can post their requirements online and service providers will review them and provide a quote. The customer can then review the quotes and select an apt business to finalize the deal. Eg:

C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer): These refer to sites like OLX and Quikr where customers sell their products to other customers with no middlemen.

Scope of E-Commerce Business

It is not wrong to say that millennials and Gen Zs live a very tech-savvy life. Their life is incomplete without the internet. With this influence, they have also gotten used to getting anything around the world, delivered to their doorsteps. It may be antiques, exotic fruits, or just customized stationery. There is a close connection between e-commerce and the internet. And as long as the internet is good enough, e-commerce will continue to thrive as a more convenient way of shopping

Online websites now provide detailed descriptions of their products so that the customers have a clear idea. Many websites also provide feedbacks that other users have given. This helps in assuring other prospective customers. It also makes payment easier since it can be easily done online. The scope of eCommerce looks like it will be increasing for a long time. We have seen online businesses grow with globalization as it facilitated the easy shipping of products all over the world. Covid seems to have further helped online businesses grow today. Also, check: Web Development Services

E-Commerce Business Trends 2022

With this rapid growth and popularity of eCommerce, there is now a power struggle amongst online businesses. The easiest way to make sure that online businesses stay relevant and generate sales is to know the eCommerce business trends. Here are some of the factors that are popular amongst online businesses.

Social Media: Social media has now become an integral part of online business. It is one of the many ways in which entrepreneurs drive traffic to their websites. They use social media to keep customers updated on offers and changes made within the organization. With social media, the gap between the seller and buyer has been reduced.

Drone Delivery: Another popular online shopping trends 2022 is the use of drones for delivery. This is a popular trend that can be popular while businesses try to make contactless deliveries.

App-Only Approach: A good app is much more convenient than a website for a customer. Not only will it be available on our smartphones, it usually gives a more personalized experience than websites.

AI: Although AI is not a territory that has been fully understood, experts predict that the time of using Advanced AI in e-commerce is not very far away. Also, Read: Advantages of E Commerce- Everything you Need to Know

Benefits of E-Commerce to Consumers

Benefits of E-Commerce to Consumers

The biggest advantage as to why customers love shopping online is that they get to save more time. They could read about a product, check out reviews online, compare it to other products and give reviews. Customers can also check the price of the same product at different stores to see if they can get it at a cheaper price. Most online websites also provide return policies which makes it easier for products to be returned

Benefits of E-Commerce to Sellers

Through eCommerce, online businesses have been able to widen the circle of their customers both nationally and internationally. A huge plus point while doing business online is the lack of need for an infrastructure with which the customer could judge the business. Any online business can sell their products from their own rooms, garages, or even the back of their car.

So far, we have seen the various facets of online businesses and websites. It is clear that online business websites are gaining popularity by the day, and does not intend to stop.

However, online websites also face hurdles in their way. The availability of the internet is one of the key factors that contribute to the success of online businesses. In a country like India, which does not even have a uniform distribution of electricity across its geography, it is not right to say that online business has completely won over the country as a whole.

With social media gaining popularity, the cost of marketing online is also increasing day by day. And since online businesses require comparatively lesser capital, there are new ventures arising by the day, increasing competition. What are some other factors that you believe to influence e-commerce business trends 2022?

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