All About Branding in Digital Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in the growth of any business. The most effective marketing techniques aim to connect with their audience at the right time and place. In this era, that is best achieved through digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

The marketing done on digital platforms is called digital marketing. The art of creating a curiosity in the mind of buyers is called marketing. Digital marketing includes all the marketing techniques used to promote businesses online via websites, emails, and social media. It includes social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, moment marketing, viral marketing, and search engine marketing.

Digital marketing requires a base around which it is built. Only then can you see your strategies thrive in this era of heavy competition. This base is called branding. It is what defines your product or business.

What is Branding?

What is branding

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).


A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a specific product or company. Each consumer creates their version of it in their mind. Brands increase or decrease in popularity because of how consumers feel about them. You can copy and duplicate a product, but a brand will always remain unique.
Branding, therefore, is a strategy designed by organizations to help a product become a brand. It is not just the company name, address, logo, or campaign. The importance of branding goes far beyond just these elements when it comes to taking a brand name to the heights of the market.

What is E Branding or Digital Branding?

The process of building an online presence for your brand is called digital branding. It requires a combination of digital marketing strategies that are specifically designed to develop your brand. Digital branding or e-branding allows your company to make its presence known anywhere in the world.

A good digital presence makes customers feel personally involved with your company or product. It helps foster long-lasting relationships with users and allows you to speak directly with consumers through day-to-day interactions on the platforms they are already using. A good digital marketing agency can help you increase your brand value and drive your sales.

A Successful Digital Branding has 8 Components

  • A Logo that matches the personality and values of your business which the customers can easily relate with
  • A website that has all the crucial details of your business and is easy to navigate
  • A brand message that reflects what your brand does and believes in. It should speak to the customer’s needs and desires.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) which ensures that your brand and its services are easily found on search engines.
  • Specially tailored posts on different Social Media platforms to ensure maximum reach
  • Carefully scheduled and designed email marketing online advertising through search engine ads, display ads, social media ads, mobile feed, desktop feed ads, and retargeted ads.
  • Content marketing through photos, videos, blogs posts, etc. that stimulate interest and excitement about your brand’s products and message.
  • Influencer marketing with influencers whose lifestyle aligns with your brand’s message and values.

Digital Branding vs Digital Marketing

Digital branding vs digital marketing

When you look at both of them together, you can see that digital marketing and branding are two peas in the same pod. While digital marketing eventually requires branding, any brand can lose its online presence without digital marketing. Branding is the ‘why’ of the business growth in the market while digital marketing is the ‘how’. For a business to be successful online, you need both branding and digital marketing.

Now, what makes both of them different is that branding is all about the long-term evolution of a brand while digital marketing is comparatively a short-term plan to thrive a business. When digital marketing aims to find leads through digital platforms, banding takes these leads and converts them to loyal customers of the brand. As digital branding focuses on providing value and inspiring brand recognition, digital marketing finds new customers and generates sales. Also, Read: Importance of Branding for a Growing Business

Impact of Digital Marketing on Branding

In the market, it is the customer that makes or breaks your brand. If they are not satisfied with your product or service, you will lose customers. In our technology-driven society, where about three billion people across the globe use social networking sites every day, digital marketing can introduce your product or service to new leads and other first-time buyers. It helps you cost-effectively reach your target audience. It helps increase brand awareness and brand loyalty and drives online sales.

Here are some other ways in which digital marketing helps branding

It Can Converge Different Platforms: With digital marketing, you can maintain a unified identity across multiple online platforms like social media, email, etc. You can deliver the same message in every media after customizing them according to the behaviors of the outlet. Seeing similar ads on every platform means more chances of consumers remembering your brand.

Your Brand can Go Viral: Over time, we have seen many brands that have gained immense popularity because of a single post or campaign. This may seem effortless and sudden. Some may even call it luck. But most of the time, it is a result of a pre-planned process. You can identify the viral elements in your brand and push them to gain maximum reach in a short period of time.

Helps Distinguish you from your Competitors: Digital marketing opens a lot of doors for creativity and ideas that stand out. In this time, when competition is fierce in every sector, having something that sets you apart can guarantee your role in the marketplace. The best branding service provider is the one who can bring together the strengths of your business and create an impression that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Facilitates Efficient Communication: Digital marketing facilitates more transparent communication between the consumers and producers. With online chat services and 24*7 customer care services, consumers can now have a real-time connection with brands discarding all spatial boundaries. Keeping a tab on these communications and other factors like shares, clicks, recommendations, feedback, and social engagement has made it easier for brands to understand their consumers’ engagement and sentiment.

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