9 Healthy Tips to Go Organic on Social Media

It’s not easy to reap reaches on Social Media. It’s enviable how an individual can earn a whopping number of likes overnight for a personal picture or a post whereas a business page has to work hard to get a fraction of that attention.

However, there are options to make it possible, by promoting with a price. But in the long run, the healthy way to reach out and spread word about your business is the organic way. Organic reach is a sturdy foundation to the social media promotion of any business. Getting reach without the ‘Sponsored’ tag above your posts makes it all the more admirable.

It’s worth the effort if you concentrate on organic reach on social media because:

  • It builds trust and earns followers from your friends.
  • Your organic reach can go viral and is easier to amplify with promotion.
  • It gives discounts if you are promoting later on.
  • It founds evidence of social relevance with the number of likes, comments and followers.

It doesn’t take an expert to understand that a proportionally comparable higher level of organic reach is a better business than a frequently boosted, artificially engaged platform. And as with the effectiveness of all things organic and natural, time is the catch. It takes TIME to get organic engagement of a superior level. But it is not impossible.

Today, we are here with some healthy tips that aid in the Organic journey on social media. What matters more than momentary hypes and sensations are results that last. So here we go. Organic.

Emoticons are Fun

Emoticons are Fun

Emotions are not fun to play with. But emoticons are. Using emoticons are found to lower costs when promoting posts, according to Larry Kims.

But businesses aside, emojis add colour to your otherwise drab posts. They speak more closely to audience than plain text and being a huge part of online vocabulary now, emoticons can make your posts seem all the more human and plausible.

Go a little emotional with those little meaningful faces!

Show What You Got

It is important to showcase your best performance to potential audience for more faith in you. Consumers are skeptical all around. Everyone looks for how good you have been so far.

So pin your best-loved posts, most engaging content, attractive cover photos of your products or services that cast anchors in the heart of your audience, on the top of your profile, so that when they check you out, they get to see your best.

Make use of all possible facilities on social media that showcases real engagement on your page or content in social media. It is important because time is scarce and people tend to skim through what they see first.

Real-time #Hashtags

Real-time #Hashtags

The use of hashtags is viral now. Everyone has a hashtag in their posts now. And some hashtags span sentences.

Now that can end up being funny instead of being useful. Businesses have to use hashtags purposefully and logically. It is closely related to how we choose keywords for SEO.

A proper hashtag is real-time, trending yet unique, relevant to your business/topic and keeps you in the circle of similar and popular voices.

It is important to be judicious with hashtags and realize that its effects are different in different social media platforms.

On Twitter, the engagement is 21% more for tweets with one hashtag than tweets with three or more.

However, Instagram posts revel in engagement when there are over 11 hashtags. Quite contrarily, Facebook posts fare better with no hashtags.

Choose wisely, to say the least. Also, Check: Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices

Go Trendy

When it comes to social media, it is about getting popular. The most popular stuffs are the live ones, the things that are happening now. It calls for being aware of what’s going on around you, what is in trend today.

And the game is that it keeps changing, almost every day. Do posts in line with the trend thread on social media. Talk about what’s trendy today. We are not talking about fashion. We are talking about emotions of audience and events that are provoking them.

However, stick to the safe side, lest you turn your business into a personal affair.

Being Consistent with Variety

The ever-changing world has gone even more liable to change after the advent of social media. Repetition is synonymous to ‘boring’. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be consistent on social media to garner organic reach.

What outlasts is difference. Variety is sought for with such dedication by the audience. If you can offer them a fresh voice that keeps you apart from the crowd, if you can give them a burst of colour that is different from the usual, you’re on your way.

Being creative is a challenging process enough. But being consistently creative is the race. And you cannot run out of variety.
Roger that.

Solicit Reactions

Solicit Reactions

At times, welcoming reactions from the audience can be really an invitation worth stooping down for. While taking care not to go overboard with soliciting reactions, sometimes it is like giving permission to those who want to react.

Some popular ways of soliciting reactions are asking people to “Share if you agree”, “Tag a friend who…” and “Comment if you don’t agree…” etc.

It may not work with everything but if you are smart enough to incorporate such reaction-seeking phrases into your business without looking pushy, you are majorly healthy.

Interactive Contents

Interactive Contents

Providing plain information, commercials, ads or promos can get annoying. People need to feel included. They need to feel that they are not brainwashed with exaggerated copywriting on a daily basis using the effects of repetition on mass psychology.

Okay, that was too technical, but really, give them some fun. Make them feel they have some direct interaction with your team. Give quizzes, conduct contests and giveaways, announce awards for winners.

People feel they get something in return when they engage with a post and what do people like more than personal gains?

Images with Quotes/Words

Images with Quotes/Words

It is a known fact that images have a better reach than plain text posts. The pro of an image is its conspicuousness. People can seldom ignore images on social media. Images are also most widely shared. Images also convey messages in lesser time.

That said, how about getting across your message through an image? Yes, it is possible. Post images that hold words or quotes that attract attention and enjoy a hike in engagement.

Some great places to find quotes are Brainy Quotes, Goodreads and Pinterest. Ensure borrowed quotes are credited aptly and it is a good start to enhance the trust quotient.

GIFs to Move Things A Bit

Somewhere between fixed images and running videos, the GIFs offer a perfect balance of the two to convey humour, information and even ads. But in a quick, momentary, low data usage way.

Since the update of media like WhatsApp enabling the share of GIF images, the array of shared stuffs is amazing. Share GIFs that offer an element of surprise and fun along with a tinge of reality that get people thinking or relate to.

Let’s move things a bit to be loved better.

In the flurry of promotional posts and ads, organic social media posts are a breeze of comfort for the audience. Ensuring that your posts are exceptional makes it a breeze for you to get organic reach.

We hope these tips help you step up and stand for yourself out there before you think of paying.

Hard work pays, sooner or later. Smart work lasts.

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