Al Fascino


Al Fascino came to us without the name or a logo. And with one of the most interesting concepts in mind. The wallets, handbags and perfumes from Al Fascino come with an environment-friendly concept while keeping in pace with the trend.

The branding journey led to the materializing of Al Fascino, a truly inspired fashion brand, designed with quite a lot of glamour in mind.

The world was their niche. Fascino in Italian meant ‘Charm’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Allurement’ and much more. We twisted the Italian ‘Il’ to ‘Al’ for that Oriental touch. Al-Fascino came into being with a pop and glitter of freshness and style.

The concept behind their logo was to represent the wild animals hunted and killed for their hides, to manufacture leather fashion goods. By imprinting the logo on their cruelty-free and glamorous products, they would be giving a shout out to the fashion industry that fashion doesn’t have to be heartless in making.

A caricature blend of the most hunted Wild Buffalo and Reindeer, the logo was created in a minimalistic and monochromatic design, suiting both light and dark backgrounds.