Do I really need to change my company logo?

A logo is like a face, it is a unique identity and the most visible representation of any given brand. It can be an icon, symbol or typography of the name itself.

Importance of a good logo for companies

Every major brand in the world has a well-established logo. Giving a company a good logo has its own perks. The simpler and original it is, the easier it is to recognise. Logos play multiple roles during the various stages a company’s development.

Establishing Brand Identity

A good logo always demands a well-defined brand identity for its establishment. Once a company forms an identity, it will be applied in all aspects, as a result of which the brand itself will have a uniform behaviour.

A strategically planned logo has the ability to position a brand in any required level. This makes it easier for everyone to easily recognise what your brand is and what services you offer.

Building brand Familiarity

A good logo not only draws interest and piques curiosity among customers, but once accepted can also be frequently used in campaigns, packaging and other marketing aspects to maintain brand familiarity.

Maintaining Brand Loyalty

Haven’t you seen how parents are pressured into buying a specific brand of chocolate because their child will have only that? How the young men in the lobby proudly flaunt the Allen Solly logos on their shirts?

A well-established logo gives the brand a certain value, and this value, in turn, brings in loyalty. This is exactly what creators of such brands had in mind when they decided on their logos.

Why change your current company logo?

As the market evolves, competitions change and you will have to shift your brand’s position accordingly. It is at this point that redefining your brand becomes necessary. Companies change their logos for various reasons.

Most often, especially during inception, people do not give enough time and attention while deciding on a logo. In the long run, it becomes necessary to change or adapt such logos so as to compete with other contemporary brands.

This is can be seen in the evolution of Apple’s Logo.

Evolution of Apple’s Logo


Simplifying for easy adaptation

A clean logo communicates directly with the consumer. Moreover, simple logos are easier to represent. They also help in retaining the aesthetics of design in packaging, ads and other branding collaterals.

It is for this reason that even the coffee mogul Starbucks took to adopting a simpler Logo.

Evolution of Starbucks logo

Evolution of Starbucks logo


Sometimes, when two companies merge, it becomes necessary to create a new Logo which highlights the strengths of both companies. In 2013, when Motorola was acquired by Google, its logo was integrated by making certain tweaks. The logo underwent another change in 2017 when Motorola was acquired by Lenovo.

Evolution of Motorola logo cyfer

Evolution of Motorola logo

Expand Scope of Business: 

Let us go back to the Starbucks Logo. We see that from 1992- 2011, there has been a considerable amount of changes in the Logo. Firstly, the name Starbucks was removed because it had by then become a fairly recognisable logo.

What we focus on is that the term ‘coffee’ was also removed. This was done because they had begun to sell items other than coffees and wanted to stop people from identifying it as ‘just a coffee brand’.

Evolution of Starbucks logo from 1992 to 2011

Evolution of Starbucks logo from 1992 to 2011

When a company evolves and their missions change, the old logo becomes a barrier in communicating the change. During such situations, it is best to change or adapt the logos so that they convey the new the change in vision.

How we can help you to update your logo

At CYFER, we involve in a deep process of understanding your business, its inception, current status and future before coming up with a suitable logo and identity. We also offer long- term strategies for the brand’s development and management. Some of our logo redesign works are mentioned below.

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Zakion Logo Redesign


Cyfer Solutions Logo Redesign


Nipgas Logo Redesign


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